Music: the key to baking success?

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Saying music and food go hand-in-hand is, I mean, duh. Like eating fat burgers while heavy metal music blares in the background at Kuma’s Corner, or swallowing tacos while a mariachi band serenades your table, what you are listening to plays a large part in what is disintegrating in your mouth. But, can music play a role in how well and successfully you prepare food?! My fondue party prep tested this theory.

Nathaniel Rateliff (and the Night Sweats) and I started out on the right foot as we prepped meringues from Meringue Girls. Attempting to keep my stress level at a low-ish level, I choose something with maximum impact but minimal effort (my personal secret motto). As he belted “Son of a Bitch, give me a drink…”, I piped out vanilla, red velvet cake, champagne and caramel marshmallow meringues. By the time we were through his self-titled album, I was scarfing delicious meringue bites and had completed the HBD decorations. Check.
But, I thought it was time to switch it up for the next step. Why not give chocolate macaroons a shot? I was alone in my house, time was on my side and there was no pressure to perform. So I switched to Shakey Graves. Now, if you’ve never baked macaroons, you should know they can be finicky. But Shakey Graves is not.  However, midway through Roll the Bones I took my eyes off the meringue. By the time I looked back, I had a cottony ball of fluff. But do you know what I don’t like to do? Give up. So I folded in my lumpy cocoa almond flour mix and pushed forward. A full performance later, I took my baking sheet out and the 40 tiny turds it transported, a poor performance on my part not his.
At this point, I had one last opportunity to turn things around- the filling. So, I went to my good ol’ standby that wouldn’t let me down- Dawin, and Fetty Wap. If anyone was going to get me through this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Buttercream, it was these two. And goddamn, it was a home run. I’m not a lover of buttercreams, but as I finished whipping this up and tasting it all I could think was “this shit should go on EVERYTHING.”
Merry belated Christmas! Three playlists, two recipes and a cocktail in an RV partridge in a pear tree.

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