Recipe: Fondue Party

Fondue Parties top my list of Favorite Things to Suggest For Every Situation. I'm usually not one for audience participation or interactive activities, but this is where I make an exception. The history, the planning, the execution, the enjoyment, the fondue virgins- every bit is great. The best part is that you have the ability... Continue Reading →


Coffee on the radio

  Started my snowy morning with one of the scarier things I've been asked to do in my life- speak on the radio. But when I first met Doug, we engaged in quick, witty banter for an hour straight so I knew for six minutes, I would be in good hands. \This is the second time... Continue Reading →

Meringue Girls

I remember finding Meringue Girls on Instagram. The bright colors and playful shapes and designs were immediately eye-catching. But their first book was several months away from being released in the US. The best mom in the world, aka my mom, honored my request for the purchase of yet another cookbook 5 months in advance and monitored... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Cookie Dough Buttercream

I tend to try a recipe once, love it, and then lose it. I'd like to think with the invention of Pinterest this won't continue to happen, but given my enjoyment of tactile collecting I don't have much hope. However, if I put this recipe here, this amazing recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes, I'm hoping it... Continue Reading →

Music: the key to baking success?

Saying music and food go hand-in-hand is, I mean, duh. Like eating fat burgers while heavy metal music blares in the background at Kuma's Corner, or swallowing tacos while a mariachi band serenades your table, what you are listening to plays a large part in what is disintegrating in your mouth. But, can music play... Continue Reading →

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