Milwaukee: a few necessary stops

On a whim, last weekend was a trip to Milwaukee. I have visited a single time since I graduated in over a decade ago, and the town has grown significantly in some areas but there’s always the tried-and-true. Here’s a glimpse:

Late night dining with some real Italians at Calderone Club. The Cannelloni Ai Quattro Formaggi was a shelter from the storm, that deliciously filled my belly in the late hours of the night. I didn’t get a chance to hit my old fave’s- Mimma’s Cafe on Brady Street, where I had my first encounter with squid ink linguine or Louise’s Italian Cafe.

Saturday morning Bloody Bog’s at McBob’s teed us up nicely for day drinking.  This place is dangerously good, like when you mix all of the liquors and mixers left at the end of the night and it’s still drinkable. It seems like a bad idea, but somehow it’s right. 3rd shift happy hour, soccer on tv, and burritos OR irish food. Don’t try to make sense of it, just enjoy.

Stopped at a tiki bar (because damn, Milwaukee likes its’ tiki bars) connected to the Milwaukee Public Market, St. Paul Fish Company. Our oogling of the Lobster Bloody Mary next to us only was awkward when we asked for a bite, as we sucked down their take on a Dark & Stormy and a Lynchberg Lemonade. Poor choice, idiots, go for the drink with the claw in it.

Stumbled upon a little band, playing at a little brewery, where we drank little beers. And yes, large ones too. Butterfly Farts, Star Baby and a few others that drowned my memory, went down easily in the summer sun. Beers, Blues and BBQ at Brenner Brewing– say that after a few flights.

We rounded out the weekend with a stop at Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts on our way through a list of Thrillist recommendations. The glittering chandelier caught my eye as we left the Smoke Shack (not open) in the Third Ward to head to Bayview. ‘Smores, Pistachio, and PB/Choco/Bacon were enough for the short drive to Honeypie. My final meal was breakfast fries- a heaping pile of ‘tatos topped with pulled pork, homemade cheese sauce, jalapenos and an egg- which I ate about four bites of before I realized how pathetic I was. I switched gears to honey pie with sea salt to-go.

As I drove away, the self-hate set in while I loosened my pants but was simultaneously making a list in my head of the things I still needed to eat and drink. Clearly another trip is in order with a visit here, here and here.


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