Lotta food, little writing

Sometimes you start a blog about food, and then you keep eating but not writing about any of it. Here I’ll list the things that I’ve failed to write about not but failed to finish eating. At least I took a picture, right?

  • Trip to Milwaukee: Found this place, HoneyPie, on this Thrillist list. Thank you, Thrillist.
  • We also found a hidden Irish pub with scotch eggs, a tiki bar attached to the public market, a doughnut shop with a badass chandelier, and a pop-up blues band at a brewery. But you can read about those adventures here.
  • A party at work required that we get creative with our food. Our biggest success was a DIY bar with this killer mixer. The most surprisingly gross thing I had to put in my mouth was the ice creatm doughnut sandwich. (Just don’t.)
  • Great salad from NewPi that included black rice and looked like vegetable confetti.
  • Ate my weight in Wyman’s Spudnuts (again) after a short 45-minute weight. Worth it.
  •  Made Babycakes Cinnamon bites.
  • Drank Row Hard Root Beer.
  • Can’t stop eating Need CR.

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