Cocktail Courier

If you’ve read any previous posts, I may have or may not have mentioned my obsession with “subscription boxes”. It’s a sick addiction, and I lose any semblance of self-control I have when I find them. Luckily for my wallet, wben I first saw Cocktail Courier come across mPacNW_French_75_1y inbox, I was too busy to read it completely. But it tickled the back of my mind until I went back to the site.

First sign of danger- I had to google a logical phrase like ‘cocktail subscription service’ which pulled up several entries. I started to twitch.

Second sign of danger- I found the one I was looking for, listing two of my favorite cities, both New York City and Chicago, as options.

At first glance I winced at the offering of a Moscow Mule, only because it’s what every goddamn person that walks this earth drinks these days. But then I found the page where people submit drinks from all over the country, with funny names and ingredients, and, and, and, WHERE DO I START??! Baci E Abbracci, Hot Handed, Gardner’s Snow Cone– the list goes on. Those recipes then lead you to similar recipes you can purchase on site. I assume the service is for the other people who put on their pj’s, pick up their mail, and then don’t leave their house but want to not completely lose hope.

Other options to explore? Mouth has cocktail hour every month, Bitters + Bottles is a west coast delivery service option curated with recipes, and Crafted Taste allows you to purchase past boxes boasting 30 options many of which with spirits you would never find at an average bar.


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