Life Hack: steak n’ eggs

There was a moment in my past, where I sat at a bar, (apparently loudly) complaining about my growling stomach to the ‘tenders discontent. Right in front of my face was the obvious answer- Hard Boiled Eggs ONLY $.75. A man, who only scared me slightly, told me to order the steak and eggs. My steak options were plain jerky or cajun, and my egg options were just one: straight from the carton. Only an idiot concerned with food freshness or sanitary handling would pass on this opportunity. We were presented with fancy dining ware, and started on our appetizers. IMG_20150805_151942

One more free-flowing PBR or deeper dive into the stack of drink tickets thanks to generous patrons, and it’s possible I wouldn’t have made a responsible decision to eat. And if that was the case, I would’ve never experienced this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.


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