Recipe: Frozen Margarita Pie

Things I learned making the Frozen Margarita Pie from Zac Young:

IMG_20150714_2157031. If you are attempting this without the marvels of modern kitchen utensils, have A) patience, B) a partner, C) strong arm muscles, D) more tequila than the recipe calls for, or E) All of the Above.

2. Damn, the crust is good.

3. Definitely strain the mixture to catch the curdled egg bits, gross.

4. The blueberry are more delicious than you expect, and you’ll miss them if you skip them. Don’t.

5. I was scared of the salt on the whipped cream, so I kept it slow and low, but I think I short-changed us all.

6. DO skip the sprinkles. They look stupid. No one will take you seriously after you just spent 8 hours making this when you add sprinkles. Unless the recipient is five. In which case, don’t serve them a boozey pie anyway.

Now, go, make, enjoy and impress.

Link to Tasting Table, Frozen Margarita Pie.


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