Not Your Father’s

20150713_181059I understand that Root Beer is not for everyone. For me, it revives memories of visiting my great grandfather by the A&W in Cedar Rapids. I would listen intently to my father order through the tiny speaker box, to count the amount of floats he ordered. Then, I would watch the store until a woman emerged with our tray of tall, thin cups and skinny, long-handled spoons. I would, as quickly as my tiny arms could, roll down the windows, battle the bees, and grab my float.

That all came back to me when my BIL show up with Not Your Father’s Root Beer by Small Town Brewery. It doesn’t have an infused flavor. It doesn’t have “notes of birch barrel” or any bullshit like that. It’s straight up root beer, but boozey, the best way to be. Get it.

Note: The website boasts 10% ABV, and the bottle says 5.9%. I’m not sure where that 4.1% dropped off, wish it was in my mouth.

Note Two: Beeradvocate gave it a score of 94, so… see.


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