Quickest of quick highlights of Austin

I recently visited Austin for the sole purpose of eating and drinking. Any other site-seeking adventure was thrown off the table, except for visiting a pinata store obviously. But before I can write an entire post recapping all of eats and drinks, these are the fews highlights that I can’t stop thinking about.

Things I learned I love from Austin:


Serrano Chile Rum and Habanero Rum– My favorite was The Raconteur from The Blackheart, which I both painfully and delightfully took down in a few sips.

Shipping container bars- a la el Container Bar, next door to the habanero cocktail on Rainey Street. Because, why not?

Deep Eddy’s variety of vodkas


Mushrooms IF soaked in parmesan broth, but the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi helped too. Thanks to Parkside for now adding mushrooms to the list of “Foods I Can Eat…ONLY If They Taste Like They’ve Fallen from the Gods”. (It was so good I embarrassed my date by approaching tables as we left and tell them they should order it.)

Restored houses, in any sense of the phrase, but especially as bars and restaurants


NOT egg white cocktails with craisins floating on top. (Look at the picture… just look at it. It’s stunning in all the wrong ways.)


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