Chicago: The 606 visit

Trips to Chicago are especially trying for me. No, not because of the traffic, or directions, or masses of people. But because the city sits so deeply in my soul, that every visit is slightly gut- wrenching, tear jerking and more compulsive than I’d like to admit- squeezing the life out of every opportunity around me. I would assume most people you see tearing up as they walk down dirty alley ways are not doing so because they miss the dark, damp stanky smells like I do. Luckily, I am close enough to make the trip and saturate myself in these sensory overloads on a regular basis, and of course, to comfort myself with food.


My trip this weekend was justified by work, taking part in the opening of The 606– a fantastic mix of black tie, eclectic high fashion, urban living and edgy details, all at one event. Though limited in free time, I managed to fit in the following, and all were worth every minute:

Big Star tacos (four kinds), guacamole and chips and the ensalada for staff lunches (Tacos de Pescado, Papas con Rajas, Pastor, y Panza)

– Cocktails at: a wagon wheel at High Noon Saloon, La Fin Du Monde at Lemmings Tavern, Jack & Gingers, and face-stuffing late night noshes at Township.

– Three morning visits to Ipsento for the Ipsento, both sassy and sissy. The last day, I bought two for myself…. because I have a problem and just one wouldn’t suffice.

Parson’s Chicken and Fish for frozen negroni’s, vodka floats in my Astra, and micheladas that I wanted to make into a lotion an rub all over my body.

If I had to create a city guide to Chicago, the only way to abbreviate the 300 options I would want to list is by simply listing one suggestion: 1. Get the fuck off Michigan Avenue. Every side street has a story, a shop, a restaurant, and a bar that are worth visiting. The further away from “The Magnificent Mile” you go, the more magnificent it gets. And if you see a short, blonde woman wandering alleys crying (probably with a drink in her hand and a taco)… just leave me for a few moments while I gather my memories and head into the next stop.


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