Quickest of quick highlights of Austin

I recently visited Austin for the sole purpose of eating and drinking. Any other site-seeking adventure was thrown off the table, except for visiting a pinata store obviously. But before I can write an entire post recapping all of eats and drinks, these are the fews highlights that I can't stop thinking about. Things I... Continue Reading →


Ode to the Taj

It's a rainy day.  I want to lay in bed all day, only to be pried out with a crowbar. I just want to lay around and eat Indian food. Yes, Indian food. Matar paneer, gobi manchurian, naan, pakoras, rava kesari. But instead I'm forced to go to work, and then eat like a respectable... Continue Reading →

Chicago: The 606 visit

Trips to Chicago are especially trying for me. No, not because of the traffic, or directions, or masses of people. But because the city sits so deeply in my soul, that every visit is slightly gut- wrenching, tear jerking and more compulsive than I'd like to admit- squeezing the life out of every opportunity around... Continue Reading →

Smoothies are my crack pipe.

I love smoothies. No, I mean, I fucking loooooooove smoothies. This winter I jumped on the "juicing" bandwagon. And for several weeks I found myself making a trip to the local market searching out this $5 glass of ridiculous kale water with everything just short of tadpoles in it. But one day this spring, as... Continue Reading →

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