Food Inc. and New Pi

20150516_091314On Thursday night, I determined it was in my best interest to do a little more food research from the comfort of my couch. No, that’s not code for ordering Paul Revere’s pizza. And after several attempts to watch a chef series, I settled on Food Inc. I knew what I was doing to myself, and that it would result in an awakening that would remind me of the changes I was dragging my feet to make in our house.

Two hours later, I determined this would be the next step. Although I wasn’t frightened educated into giving up meat altogether, it inspired a trip to New Pioneer Co-op a day later to stock up on the local, grass fed meats. Luckily, they seemed as excited as I was.

If you haven’t see it, watch it. Then go to a place like this and make it right in your life.





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