The Complete Cookie

During a recent trip to indulge my smoothie addiction (more on that later), I finally splurged and got The Complete Cookie. I'll admit, everything in the smoothie store looks a little strange to me. Products all with bold words on the side, within lighting bolt clouds or bright boxes, screaming to add boosters I'm apparently missing with... Continue Reading →


Food Inc. and New Pi

On Thursday night, I determined it was in my best interest to do a little more food research from the comfort of my couch. No, that's not code for ordering Paul Revere's pizza. And after several attempts to watch a chef series, I settled on Food Inc. I knew what I was doing to myself, and... Continue Reading →

How to Build an Effective Workspace: Volume 1

Is this a normal amount of food-related items for a reasonable person to have littered on their desk? And yes, this has all been accomplished in the last 2.5 hours since returning from lunch. Required for an effectively cluttered work space? One massive mug of iced coffee. One variety box of chocolate covered espresso beans only... Continue Reading →

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