The trick? Simple Roots

food-intelligenceFood is a funny thing. Meant to nourish us and keep us alive and healthy, it’s taken a mean turn in the last few decades. We now find ourselves overindulging, feeling sick, being sick, and frankly, developing an unhealthy relationship with it altogether. I strongly believe that everyone struggles with this. I certainly do.

It’s something that brings euphoria and pain, health and illness, happiness and depression. So to be honest, in the last year, I’ve done a lot more experimenting with food than I ever expected. No, I don’t mean forcing myself to eat olives (I’ve tried, I’ve failed, they are the devil’s turds). I mean pushing my limits, eliminating a lot and asking myself tough questions. Which lead me here- Alexa Shirm, Simple Roots Wellness.


When I first heard about one of Alexa’s programs, I wanted to run screaming for the hills. “WTF? No sugar. Eff no. No way.” But the first time I met her and took her sugarless holiday cookie class, I was intrigued… and scared shitless. She laid down a thick layer of ‘this is the terrible shit sugar does to your body’, and I listened. To. Every. Word.

Was it because I slept through college biology that I missed these valuable lessons?

Is there any chance she’s lying and I can still eat a bowl of cookie dough with no remorse? My pants said no, and they don’t lie. But it was more than what my pants were telling me.

She was right about every damn word. She was educated, compelling, walking the walking, approachable, and handing me the key to change it all.

I watched her online videos of her nutrition class, took notes, followed her blog/pinterest/newsletters, even took a thyroid health class although I don’t have thyroid issues. It was a scary dive, but once I did it, I was completely engulfed. Eat vegetables? Madness. Add healthy fats and protein to keep that brain firing on all cylinders? Bizarre. Avoid sugar and processed foods full of hormone-altering chemicals? Seems suspicious.

The scariest part, is that I’ve never felt better. I could go on for hours but that bores everyone, plus that’s her job, and she’s damn good at it.

Do I avoid Malvi mallows, or peanut butter cheeseburgers, or donut candy bars? Yes and no. I spend most of the time living the Simple Roots way, and leave moments for those occasions- it’s the drain analogy, just ask her.


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