On the menu today: “Things I’m a sucker for”

free_trial5_2_product_bf485828-bde6-46ae-b9ce-7d8df2bb403bI, moments ago, fell victim to FB’s targeted sponsored ads. I’m not sure if they were reading my google searches for “durians” (probably), or tracked my recent “Liking” of every food FB page I could find (definitely), but “Try the World” was there. No one in this equation- myself, FB or Try the World– should be surprised that it took me roughly 3 minutes to go from clicking the ad to placing my order, I’m a sucker for subscription boxes. Food? yes. Mail? yes. Something delivered to me that I didn’t have to order and can pretend I don’t pay for? Yes and yes.

Paris Box

Let’s skip over the part where we can visit an ethnic grocery store, and go right to the slightly irrational part- this beautiful site delivers you a box filled with goodies from all over the world. I “started my journey” as they say on the website with a Paris box curated by Christophe Schmitt. Like what you receive in your box, and you can shop their site of items I can assure you I won’t find in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

While I won’t hold my breath that I’ll receive a durian from the South East Asian subscription box, at least I’ll be delivered a culinary adventure without being forced to brave this ridiculously cold weather.

Want $15 off your own subscription? Use this> http://fbuy.me/b25r9


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