New Obsession: Lavender London Fog

This is me, drinking my tea. I woke up this way.
This is me, drinking my tea. I woke up this way.

You will not notice by my super frequent blog posting that I have a streak of obsessiveness in my personality, it really only applies to food. I find something, then I latch on, and I inhale it repeatedly until I’ve eaten myself sick. (see first post about the Twinkie Situation.) The newest one was a slow-paced, secretive mild obsession that turned full blown today.

I visited the CR Public Library a few months ago, and at the time, there was a now- no-longer-in-business coffee shop who convinced me to order a London Fog based on their great Earl Grey. This particular Earl Grey was purchased from New Pioneer, a local purveyor of delicious things, and it smelled amazing- a very fragrant, almost chai spiced, black tea. He added some vanilla and handed over what, is rumored to have once been on the Starbucks menu, my new favorite beverage. It smelled like sitting on a purple-tufted vintage sofa, surrounded by books, in a bustling London coffee shop, where perfume swirls in the air but doesn’t overpower.

Then, they closed.

I went on a hunt for the tea, and after a few stop, found it for home. But it never quite cut it.


Today, I revisited the library, now under the ownership of Greyhound Deli. After scrolling their interesting list of syrups to add to coffee, it fell into place and I blurted, “Can I please get an Earl Grey tea latte, and add a little Agave Vanilla and Lavender?” And what I received was perfect, but a new catalyst to my downward spiral into $4 tea purchases twice daily.


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