Compartes: Chocolate bars dreams are made of


When I first saw these, I was excited because they were referring to the three bars designed by Kelly Wearstler. But when I followed the link to the Compartes site,  I became physically excited as I started reading though the names of the premium chocolate bars. Is it embarrassing to admit these things can arouse me in that way? Maybe for some. But the reality is that I kept the site up in my browser all day, so I could flip to it during those moments of need. Some people may do the same with pictures of their children, a “Hey Girl…” Ryan Gosling meme, or a rabbit circling a racetrack.

I spent the day carefully reading the descriptions so I could imagine exactly how it would taste. Then I would calculate which upcoming holiday I could use to justify a purchase of a $10 chocolate bar- act as my own valentine? treat myself to a birthday present? pretend I write reviews that require extensive research?

Feast your own eyes on a few of these beauties:

Cereal Bowl- Compartes Los Angeles
Cereal Bowl- Compartes Los Angeles

Cereal Bowl: White Chocolate / Cornflakes/ Cereal / Marshmallows

“delicious nostalgia and childhood dreams”

Donuts & Coffee- Compartes LA
Donuts & Coffee- Compartes LA

Donuts & Coffee: “features donuts from the best Los Angeles donut shops…”

Coney Island- Compartes LA
Coney Island- Compartes LA

Coney Island: “Cone- headed Unicorns merrily go round as waffle cones are filled with deliciousness in the days of an endless summer”

That doesn’t even touch on Caramelized Popcorn, Biscuits & Honey, Sea Salt Waffle Cone or Sprinkles Butterscotch, just to name a few. I’m starting to think it’s not a bad idea to buy them all, wallpaper a room with the wrappers, and surround myself with their beauty until I become aware of how weird the obsession has become…


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