On the menu today: “Things I’m a sucker for”

I, moments ago, fell victim to FB's targeted sponsored ads. I'm not sure if they were reading my google searches for "durians" (probably), or tracked my recent "Liking" of every food FB page I could find (definitely), but "Try the World" was there. No one in this equation- myself, FB or Try the World- should... Continue Reading →


Full Circle? Recipe for London Fog

It's always fun to see things come full circle. Like, let's say you have a food blog that no one reads so you put things on it that you never expect to see again. Then, you wake up to find your mailbox full of Compartes chocolate bars and an email from Tasting Table on how... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Maple Ice Cream

No, I haven't made this. But I'm posting it because I want to. And saying it outloud makes it true, right? My father has a unique set of cooking interests. Pizza crusts and homemade pizza, pies, homemade applesauce, frozen veggies with a stick of butter, cocktails and ice cream. He has an ice cream churn... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: Lavender London Fog

You will not notice by my super frequent blog posting that I have a streak of obsessiveness in my personality, it really only applies to food. I find something, then I latch on, and I inhale it repeatedly until I've eaten myself sick. (see first post about the Twinkie Situation.) The newest one was a slow-paced,... Continue Reading →

Back on the Chang Gang

While I may not be writing regularly, my food journey and obsession with all things associated still continues. My crush on David Chang was just recently revived after purchasing Lucky Peach for a plane trip, thus tossing me into a fury of Facebook 'liking' so my feed is full of nothing but changisms, publications, blogs, and... Continue Reading →

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