The Chocolate Library

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Vosges is not new on the scene by any means, but when it comes to treats and gift and amazing chocolate creations, they are the first place that comes to mind. I used to torture myself on the walk to and from my train stop in Chicago, passing the Vosges storefront each way. Luckily, I worked in an office that would receive gifts in the form of visits from delicious Chicago establishments, such as Vosges. A few months ago, when I announced my pregnancy, I received a package in the mail from a ex-coworker turned good friend with none other than the Vosges Chocolate Library. Even as I type this, six bars remain, half eaten, as I savor each bite from the variety of flavors.

Not only is there store beautiful, branding bad ass, and concoctions imaginative, but they have successfully moved beyond your typical truffles. The fact that their drop down menu provide options like “Champagne & Chocolate”, “Salt & Chocolate”, “Beer & Chocolate” or “Bacon & Chocolate” should speak for itself. I promise you that “Eww, I got the most disgusting Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix the other day…” has never been said. Even Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix will impress the whiniest of eaters.

My favorite? The one that I fantasize about on an equivalent level as Ryan Gosling? The goddamn Organic Peanut Butter bonbons with pink Himalayan sea salt. The fact that they even advise to eat them in 8 weeks is ridiculous. If I have them longer than a day, something is physically wrong with me like I’ve been part of a bondage stunt gone awry .

I post this now because the holidays are coming and the gift-giving season is here. I think the implication is obvious…. I can provide my mailing address for receiving packages.


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