Casa Tequila

We decided to be a little adventurous the other night and head south to Riverside to Casa Tequila, or as we kept referring to it, the “Old Icehouse”. A brother restaurant to their other location in Tiffin, this two-story tequila house is situated on the south side of the main drag. My boyfriend was insistent that the food was amazing, so I had to check it out to either find a new place to love, or gather ammo for future debates.

The room was surprisingly quiet, although traditional mexican music filled the background. We checked out their extensive menu, which included a fairly large section of seafood options. Seafood on mexican menus is an item that I struggle with and rarely order, I haven’t worked up the courage yet, too many signs point to reminders of Montezuma’s revenge and I feel like fishiness would only make it worse.

Ultimately, I ended up deferring to my fall back, the dish by which I judge all mexican restaurants, the carnitas platter.  While our selections weren’t as adventurous as our road trip, we thought the vegetarian mushroom & onion quesadilla, chicken quesadilla, and fajitas would at least give us an idea of how good the basic options are.

When we received our dinners, there was no shortage of food. Extra platters of side and toppings. Chicken piling out of the tortilla shell from one quesadilla. And the vegetarian platter topped with two shells full of mushrooms, onions and cheese. The guacamole was full of citrus flavor with a hint of jalapeno, but I’d forgo it again due to the overuse of lime. The carnitas were missing that crispy sear on the edges, but were still tender and well seasoned.

Fried Ice Cream Casa Tequila

But the best part of the meal arrived for dessert. I’m not sure if the chefs were bored, or maybe their favorite dessert is fried ice cream as well, but the plate was beautiful and looked like a chocolate firework. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, it was a great finale to share with friends on our way out the door.


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