Getting Schooled: Foods You’re Pronouncing Wrong

It's rare that I post anything besides my personal rants or praises of food here. I try to mix it up with food news or unique finding that are more interesting than "look at this jam I spent all day Saturday making because I have a stupid amount of free time on my hands". Then... Continue Reading →


Mind of a Chef: Episode 1: Ramen

My obsession with David Chang began the same way as I imagine every other Changophile's did- with my first visit to one of his restaurants. After a short wait in line at Milk Bar, I dove right into my 3-4 dishes and fell in love (with both Christina Tosi and Chang). ┬áMy next few visits... Continue Reading →

The Chocolate Library

Vosges is not new on the scene by any means, but when it comes to treats and gift and amazing chocolate creations, they are the first place that comes to mind. I used to torture myself on the walk to and from my train stop in Chicago, passing the Vosges storefront each way. Luckily, I... Continue Reading →

Sag Wagon

As the first snow falls for the season, I wonder if I really am too late to talk about the one option for sitting waterside in Cedar Rapids on a nice day. But I embrace memories of sitting in Venice on a cold day, watching everyone eat their lunches and drink their espressos and remind... Continue Reading →

Casa Tequila

We decided to be a little adventurous the other night and head south to Riverside to Casa Tequila, or as we kept referring to it, the "Old Icehouse". A brother restaurant to their other location in Tiffin, this two-story tequila house is situated on the south side of the main drag. My boyfriend was insistent... Continue Reading →

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