Crazy for Caramel Apples

Caramel covered applesAs I bite into my first nut-covered Caramel Apple of the season (my favorite season!), I realize that there could suddenly be a unique opportunity explore and rank the caramel apples around town. Maybe there are other C.A. aficionados like myself who don’t want a mealy, soft inside despite the deep caramelly deliciousness on the outside. And as tempting as anything with sprinkles looks, rarely do fall-colored sprinkles replicate the same eye-pleasing result on your palate. But since I just moments ago started exploring the word of C.A.’s for the season, perhaps I just leave this post filled with other tidbits on this traditional treat, and keep hunting.

Check out Foodimentary’s ode to the food for October 31st, National Caramel Apple Day

The C.A. Alternate: While searching for a recipe for my favorite kind of Caramel Apple, topped with grapenuts, I came across this blog by Busy Mommy. She provides a recipe for caramel covered grapes, a great alternative and small- bite edition to the traditional. This weekend, when found up to my elbows in excess spiderwebs of caramel, I attempted my own. I’m not scared to admit they were heinous looking, as were the drooping, pooping CA’s, but both were delicious. I think pretty food only exists in the kitchens of food photographers. Thankfully, I’m not scared to eat ugly things.

photo (5)


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