The Sprinkle Cake


My sister sent me this blog this morning, and she’s right, I love it. The cake in particular reminds me of childhood bringing back all of my memories of watching Rainbow Brite in RB pj’s while eating peanut butter toast. The cake is six layers of rainbow-dyed cake topped with sprinkles. Whimsical, classic, simple… I’ll do it! And then I started reading the directions. I could be wrong but I started to smell one of those “This is much harder than we make it out to be” crafts. A “25 mins of Prep Time” in actuality is “55 minutes of prep time, screaming at a loved one and cutting one single appendage before throwing part of it away that you deem unnecessary”.

Regardless of my initial apprehension, I still need to accept this challenge. My first thought was that laying a 6-layer cake on it’s side and rolling it in sprinkles will look a lot like me trying to get myself into a pair of Spanx- lots of writhing, uncomfortable angles and a bit of sweating. But “no pain, no gain” right?


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