Sketch… of my brain

Sketch... of my brain

I don’t even know what to say about this website. It’s everything I love and yet, so strange at the same time.

My brain is so overly excited that all of my thoughts are completely disjointed into fragments like:

The randomness of clicking on items that barely make sense to reveal another scene that is equally as whimsical.

Have you ever come across a restaurant website that challenges you to “sketch your lunch”?

Was this plucked right out of my brain? A “destination place, for food, art and music”?

How do I win awards for “clever mix of world music, chic staff and sexy interiors”, Mourad Mazouz?!

And, How I love this:

“I want a room,” thought he, ” to rest.” “Certainly my dear,” he was told, “you have a choice of eight.” “You lie,” said he… on counting he saw only six. “Ah yes, but eight rhymes with cake.” “Okay,” said he, “what shall I find?” “Well,” said the voice, “if you are very hungry and have coins in your pocket, ascend the stairs and you will find a dining hall of such magnificence, it will so take your breath away that your face will be a certain hue.” “Gosh,” thought he, checking his pockets and his complexion in a mirror, “what else do you have?” “There is a bar ranked with chairs of every discernable shape… one is bound to suit… and gentlemen behind the bar who will mix a beverage so fair to help sooth the most pained head.”

I’m in love. And until I can figure out how to replicate this closer to home, I”ll pretend I’m the woman popping out of the Home Page egg in the kick- ass boots, bodacious hair and a bitchin’ gun riding a god-knows-what to a spaceship viewatarium.


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