jtbMaybe it’s the frigid temperatures outside when I ordered the new Hardee’s Jalapeno Turkey that left a bad taste in my mouth, or maybe just because it sucks, but there is nothing to say about the experience besides “noo”. Don’t try it. Don’t order it. Don’t waste the heat you’ve built up in your cozy car on a zero degree day to either order it at the drive-through or have it handed to you through the window. I thought maybe I was just feeling blase and my taste buds were frozen to tastelessness, but this guy agrees. And now I feel more justified in saying some of my favorite ingredients were just slapped in the face when this was created. The Impulsive Buy pretty much says it all (except maybe if I received 1/10th of the jalapeno coins or sauce as Adam, my tune would’ve been a touch nicer).

There- I saved you $3.69.



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