Favorite Time of Year: Food Trends 2013 is here!

taquitos NYEIt is my favorite time of year! Forget the first fallen snow, or holiday celebrations, at a time when I should be concentrating on flushing my body of all of the horrible shit I’ve put in it for the last 6 weeks, it’s a time to get excited about increasing my intake of calories- Food Trends of 2013 is upon us. This is the time of year when all of the “other people” who care about food regardless of increasing pant size or healthy resolutions are predicting what they, and other food lovers, will be seeking out throughout the year. Some lists are long, some are old news, but there are a few gems that have me salivating. So what’s on my radar for 2013 after a few articles:

Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce– While I’ve been a fan of putting Sriracha on everything for years, the introduction of barrel-aged hot sauces introduces a whole new realm of possibilities to the scene. I tend to steer clear of hot sauces of the Hispanic-variety and lean towards the Asian options. HuffPo summarizes several lists into one and brings to light not just the barrel-aged sauce but my next purchase, Korean hot sauce Gochujang.

“Farm- to- Bar”- Baum & Whiteman elaborate on the Farm-To- Bar trend they are starting to see that will hit our lives a little harder this year. Hopefully, strategic placement in Iowa surrounded by fresh produce should put me in the hotspot of this trend, at least that will be my excuse for growing a garden and drinking more in 2013. (those can be resolutions, right?)

Savory flavors- Expanding on the Umami craze that hit last year. I only hope this curbs my sweet tooth. However, crazy desserts are also a prediction. I can’t say I’ll pass up on anything that claims to be “out of the ordinary”.

With the prediction of “fas-cas” making almost every list I read, I’m just hoping that it starts with bahn mi’s and steamed buns.

Want to compile your own trend list- here’s a whole damn list of 2013 Food Predictions sources


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