I don’t even know what to say about this website. It’s everything I love and yet, so strange at the same time. My brain is so overly excited that all of my thoughts are completely disjointed into fragments like: The randomness of clicking on items that barely make sense to reveal another scene that is... Continue Reading →


National Peanut Butter Day

I read an article this morning that today is National Peanut Butter Day, and it was presenting me with a bacon peanut butter sandwich recipe. For some reason, I discarded it. Then I remembered that every time I eat PB, I'm convinced it has a trace of crack in it.  It was introduced into my diet as... Continue Reading →

Geeking out: Separating Egg Yolks

Some people geek out over technology or skateboarding tricks, I, pathetically, am mesmerized by tricks of the kitchen such as this one.   Thanks to Eve Turow, and Kitchensurfing for making me feel a little bit cooler when I'm finally winning against something that fits in my hand and can be crushed by a stiff breeze yet... Continue Reading →


Maybe it's the frigid temperatures outside when I ordered the new Hardee's Jalapeno Turkey that left a bad taste in my mouth, or maybe just because it sucks, but there is nothing to say about the experience besides "noo". Don't try it. Don't order it. Don't waste the heat you've built up in your cozy... Continue Reading →

The Boys Club

I guess pairing booze with desserts must be on my mind. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something, the way you crave food or meat. I think I'm deficient in alcohol and sugar. This new blog I found is really the perfect combination of the two, and is something I should probably explored... Continue Reading →

Imbibe magazine and Mezcal Affogato

I recently discovered Imbibe magazine and quickly got online to subscribe. I love print publications and obviously, anything about food & drinking. This Liquid Culture niche-pub had to be in my arsenal. Mixing booze and ice cream, or booze and desserts in general, is part of my "Turn Your Dream Into a Job" future. I... Continue Reading →

Goop Guide: Superfoods

The Goop Guide is gorgeous for many reasons, but the recent intro paragraph from Gwyneth Paltrow about not detoxing or dieting to start the new year peaked my interest more than the blog normally does. Then she launches into Superfoods accompanied with beautiful food photography. The two I am currently waffling between: The animated Goop... Continue Reading →

Free shet? Yes please.

It goes without saying that Saveur magazine is awesome. Every time it arrives in the mail, or when I receive my daily recipe email, it re-inspires me all over again. Today's recipe? Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. Only idiots would not love that. So what could make this magazine better? A month-long giveaway of free shit.... Continue Reading →

Absolut Tune

"What did you just say to me?" (stated as though some nasty-haired bitch just passed me in a bar and audibly comments on how big my ass is). When I stumble upon new discoveries that may be too good to be true, and at the same time I may be hearing about them later than... Continue Reading →

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