Sushi, bar music, and a market

This will surprise everyone that reads this but I have actually been documenting my lunch adventures with the Evernote Food app, like I actually said I was going to. That rarely happens. Now I need to find someone nerdier/more computer savvy than myself and sync up this shit so you can see the photos. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown, like Cliffs Notes versions of eating.

Sushi House Japanese and Chinese restaurant on the west side of Cedar Rapids treated my girlfriends and I to a delicious starter to our Friday night out. Crispy rice soup, a few rolls, crispy ginger beef washed down with some horrible white wine. It’s starting to become my go-to restaurant here as it has thai and chinese food as well as sushi. So several happy mediums can be met, just don’t bring a sommelier or wine aficionado with you. And I’ve mistakenly ordered the fried tofu several times, each time getting angry when it arrives and I remember “I hate this”.

The Star Bar in Fairfax, Iowa, was our next stop. This has no relevancy to bar food, something that I’m rarely looking for anyway but constantly trip over in these parts but they have a good jukebox, and that should be noted. But whatever you do, DON’T play Walk The Line by Johnny Cash featuring Snoop Dogg. It an an assult on the senses, and your chances of getting your ass kicked because of it will increase significantly. It’s disrespectful to both artists and listeners alike.

Saturday, brought on a trip to Shorts Burger and Shine. (can we pause to talk about their beautiful website?!) And after drinking since the wee hours of the morning, I ordered the spiciest burger I could find. We scored the table on the patio, judged all parties walking by including the new trend of stretched- to-the-max- leggings-as-pants, and had a lovely afternoon. We were lucky to have landed in a great spot despite intoxicated decision-making, I’d go back in the dead of winter to cozy up inside, or gladly spend another Saturday in the sun.

I followed that with a cone of Graham Central Station, a tip passed along to me when I walked into Whitey’s by three 14-year old girls, and I don’t regret it at all. Graham cracker flavored ice cream, with a ribbon of graham in it. Just throw on a dollop of marshmallow and chocolate sauce, and you could shoot me on the spot.

We ended our weekend with “walking brunch” at NewBo City Market. Quiche from Greyhound Deli, delicious but despite their efforts to heat it up, it remained pretty chilly. I had no problem getting it down regardless. Cafe & Cocoa from Coffee Roasters, that I loved in theory that you will with the amount of coffee you want and they build the cocoa on top of that, but I probably should’ve thrown some sugar on it. And our last stop was at Christopher Ryan Confections for a buttery, thick chocolate croissant, a mini apple pie and two pumpkin french macaroons. The only thing I would’ve changed was not waiting a day to eat the croissant that I have been staring at on my dining table so cutely decorating the room for me. It just doesn’t taste as good when you’re sitting in front of your computer on a Monday.


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