Turkey Day Bake-off

  The day of the year when it is okay to completely gorge yourself on every morsel of food in sight is upon us, so I thought it was only appropriate to highlight it. I can't decide what would be more lame- talking about it or ignoring it. But ultimately I decided there are too... Continue Reading →


Sushi, bar music, and a market

This will surprise everyone that reads this but I have actually been documenting my lunch adventures with the Evernote Food app, like I actually said I was going to. That rarely happens. Now I need to find someone nerdier/more computer savvy than myself and sync up this shit so you can see the photos. In... Continue Reading →

Evernote Food

Does anyone else take a photo of everything they eat? I found this great app. Not that I use it as much as I should but theoretically it would be great. Kind of like a blog that I don't use.. Check out Evernote Food here. .

Oxford with some cajun flair

My favorite food adventurer and I decided one night to skip town and head to Oxford, IA. This trip to Augusta has been on my list of Places to Eat for, hmmm I don't know, two effing years. It was much more quaint than expected, and is a stone's throw from a great towney bar... Continue Reading →

Butcher Block Steakhouse

While trying to not be put off by knowing everyone in the room from high school, I still managed to have a great meal at this place. Overlooking the mildly-seasoned burger, it was topped with a bunch of crap so I would assume normally you don't notice the seasoning. Better than a lot of other sub-par... Continue Reading →

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