Turkey Day Bake-off

  The day of the year when it is okay to completely gorge yourself on every morsel of food in sight is upon us, so I thought it was only appropriate to highlight it. I can't decide what would be more lame- talking about it or ignoring it. But ultimately I decided there are too... Continue Reading →


Food News: Good & Evil chocolate bar now on “The List”

Every damn time I read about something like this, I add it to "The List" that is constantly growing (also directly correlates with my pant size growing). The article then goes on to list two people that make me salivate at the drop of their names: Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Between the name, the... Continue Reading →

Sushi, bar music, and a market

This will surprise everyone that reads this but I have actually been documenting my lunch adventures with the Evernote Food app, like I actually said I was going to. That rarely happens. Now I need to find someone nerdier/more computer savvy than myself and sync up this shit so you can see the photos. In... Continue Reading →

Evernote Food

Does anyone else take a photo of everything they eat? I found this great app. Not that I use it as much as I should but theoretically it would be great. Kind of like a blog that I don't use.. Check out Evernote Food here. .

Oxford with some cajun flair

My favorite food adventurer and I decided one night to skip town and head to Oxford, IA. This trip to Augusta has been on my list of Places to Eat for, hmmm I don't know, two effing years. It was much more quaint than expected, and is a stone's throw from a great towney bar... Continue Reading →

Butcher Block Steakhouse

While trying to not be put off by knowing everyone in the room from high school, I still managed to have a great mealĀ at this place. Overlooking the mildly-seasoned burger, it was topped with a bunch of crap so I would assume normally you don't notice the seasoning. Better than a lot of other sub-par... Continue Reading →

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