My Idea Baby

There is always an article that re-energizes me to blog again, but this one knocked me off my socks. In my dreamy world of “if I could do anything”, I have waffled between a Prohibition Speakeasy bar, and a bakery concentrating on french macaroons. Then I found this. Excuse my french- but this is my fucking idea baby staring me right in the face. Like I made her and then gave her away at birth because I couldn’t fully mother my    young idea to it’s fullest potential and now I”m walking down the street and BAM! there she is, looking at me with those eyes that I made saying to me “why are you letting someone else turn your idea into a beautiful thing- you can do it too!”

I’m wondering if Brooke and Leslie are my soul mates. And I certainly think this REQUIRES a research trip to NYC. Until then, let the experimenting begin.

What would make it more perfect? If they were french macaroons that were prohibition flavored. Double BAM!! (No one steal that idea, I’m claiming it right here.)

Sangria, Pretzels & Beer, Irish Car Bomb, and more- all at The Prohibition Bakery.

Obviously, I’m flustered by this. Enjoy nonetheless. Now I’m going to get to work figuring out how to recreate this in Cedar Rapids. (again, no one steal that idea.)


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