Next: Omaha, Lot2

Lot 2 was rustic and modern inside and had a menu that left us no other option but to order one of everything. Two of the girls at the table had dined at Lot 2 before and were full of recommendations of where to go first. We started with a full board of 6 items, a Moscow Mule, and the Lori (a drink named after our waiter’s mom).

Our next round was the toughest. With everything sounding delicious, and eyes bigger than stomachs, I got the Mussels with corn, bacon and blue cheese. AND. Yes, AND I also ordered the scallops. As chubby as that sounds, there was really no way around it.

¬†The scallop dish was amazing. There were so many different flavors and a great balance of all of them. The carrot puree with the crisp salty sear of the sea scallop was offset by the chopped pistachios. I wanted to lay down in the smooth bed of puree and hang out all night. The mussels were slotted to be my favorite. Bacon, corn and blue cheese- you can’t go wrong. But I”ll say, I don’t know if I liked it as much as I expected. Although I almost drenched myself in the bowl of broth while scooping it into my face as fast as I could, I could’ve left behind all of the toppings.

After these courses, we did end up ordering dessert, french press and another round of drinks. But the haze of food coma clouded my judgement and I didn’t snap any photos.

It was a great way to start my trip for the week and dare I say, was better than anything else I ate while in Vegas.


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