Final Destination: Omaha, The Beercade

ImageThe Beercade: A seemingly simple concept, this bar is straight out of your basement in the 80s. A group of thirty somethings drinking good beer, good drinks and play arcade games together. What might sound stupid at first, is a gloriously good time, especially if you have secret ninja skills at Skee-ball.

We parked ourselves at the Skee-ball game, ordered a round of Moose Drools, Maudites, seven n’ sevens and started pumping it with dollars. At one point in play, my stomach started to ache in a way not unlike recovering from a cesarean section due to laughing hysterically. It’s amazing the joy and excitement that result in playing and winning arcade games.

But I should mention, this isn’t a dingy, divey bar. The “Beercade” sign hand tiled into the bar back is straight out of Atari. Each sign above the bar sections are equally as crafty pulling from old school games and inserting “Vodka”, “Gin” or the like. This bar has been designed to fit both sides of every 80s child’s duel personalities- the desire to establish your own, unique business while also embracing those dreams that you had when you were 9. It’s having your cake and eating it too, but in a nice bar with games and the cake is booze.


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