I’m wondering how stupid it would be to create an entire page dedicated to tacos. Who knew what an extensive array of options, flavors and textures that can be folded up in a tiny, little, hand-held pouch, and how awkward the angle of your head is while your trying to shove one in your mouth but that’s another story. Being raised on hard taco shells and a pre-mix seasoning, I don’t think my passion for tacos blossomed until Chicago. Living in the Boricua Paseo didn’t help matters by any means. When I found this article by Todd Pulsinelli on Braised-Pork Tacos, it incited a riot in my mouth that can only be tamed by talking about and eating tacos for several weeks to come: think Cookie Monster but with tacos because that may be the most realistic portray of what it looks like when I find Mexican food. Brace yourself. For the article AND recipe on the Sous Chef Series by Tasting Table, click here


For more face-melting tacos, check these out. 

Tacos al Pastor from the geniuses behind Big Star in Chicago

Bullhead Cantina (I’ve heard the beet ones are awesome) 

 In Cedar Rapids, check out Smuggler’s Wharf for the fish tacos and the verdict is still out on any other flavors


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