Art and Cocktails in CR

Inspired by the newest exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, which is conveniently (for me) paired with cocktails, I went on a mini-bar crawl. Here's the article.


Final Destination: Omaha, The Beercade

The Beercade: A seemingly simple concept, this bar is straight out of your basement in the 80s. A group of thirty somethings drinking good beer, good drinks and play arcade games together. What might sound stupid at first, is a gloriously good time, especially if you have secret ninja skills at Skee-ball. We parked ourselves at... Continue Reading →

Next: Omaha, Lot2

Lot 2 was rustic and modern inside and had a menu that left us no other option but to order one of everything. Two of the girls at the table had dined at Lot 2 before and were full of recommendations of where to go first. We started with a full board of 6 items,... Continue Reading →

First Stop: Omaha, Krug Park

After what seemed like a billion hour drive to Omaha, I arrived and went immediately to the bar. Enticed by the fact that their drinks are traditional, speakeasy style I wanted my first stop to be at Krug Park. The chalkboard menu, ironic mustaches, tight jeans and bright lipstick reminds me of my neighborhood in... Continue Reading →

The Traveling Mouth…traveled

It's been a long two weeks now of eating lots of things that I didn't talk about. And the worst part? I was traveling to great places and discovering new things that I wasn't sharing with anyone. Shame on me. So my recent (15 minutes ago) purchase of Umami paste, and the fact that I... Continue Reading →

Pimm’s Cup Cans

More often than I should, I mutter to myself "why can't I live in London?" And this new discovery is just fanning the fire. Pimm's is one of my favorite beverages. Hard to find, but holding a little more ground than it did a few years ago, Pimm's is a delicious alternative to the standard... Continue Reading →


 Winner of the James Beard Award Publication of the Year, I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long to link to this site- FOOD52. Beautiful food photography, features, genius recipes, and shopping AND contests- this little site has more than my head and stomach can handle mid-afternoon. Brought to you by people cooking delicious things all... Continue Reading →

Beers N’ Mixers

 When I first saw this article, I thought it was brilliant. Then I remembered, "oh yeah, I've dumped lots of shit in my beers before while playing bartender to myself and friends after a few drinks" but this article makes it seem so sophisticated. And I like to disguise any bad behavior as "sophisticated" when... Continue Reading →


I'm wondering how stupid it would be to create an entire page dedicated to tacos. Who knew what an extensive array of options, flavors and textures that can be folded up in a tiny, little, hand-held pouch, and how awkward the angle of your head is while your trying to shove one in your mouth... Continue Reading →

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