Instagram and Marcus

The reason for this post is twofold. First, this article about the Best Chefs to follow on Instagram I thought needed to be shared. While I know I don’t utilize Instagram or follow Chef’s enough through social media, this brought it all to light when they listed out the opportunities right in front of my face to take advantage of learning from the pros. So Laura, please join the rest of us here in the social mediasphere, start using your damn instagram account and follow them.

 Second, when Marcus Samuelsson popped up, I had an immediate flashback to the first time I was truly “schooled in food”. Sit back for storytime. Years ago, in Chicago, very pregnant, I was at the Common Threads event at MCA. The first of many food events like this, you go around and taste different dishes provided by celebrity chefs. When I made the mistake of passing up Mr. Marcus’ dish because I was preggers and it was on the “forbidden list”, he promptly came to the front of the table and explained food origination, processing, restrictions, etc. and why they make those silly lists anyway and how they are wrong. Not only was I floored by his legitimate concern for Me & Fetus In Utero to educate us, but this gesture opened up opportunity to eat food I would’ve skipped out on AND possibly developed a palate in my son by being able to taste that dish, and may others at Common Threads. When Liam grows up to be the next Anthony Bourdain with a mix of extremely, talented rock star, I”ll have him to thank.


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