New York Mouth!

The Chocolate Every Month package

As an early Mother’s Day present to me, some worker of fate placed this in my browser this morning. And I couldn’t be more excited to find yet ANOTHER website that gives me the opportunity to buy more amazingly delicious things that are not available here in Cedar Rapids.

The first thing listed-Bacon Peanut Brittle- almost immediately makes me pull out my debit card or set up one of those “save my credit card information” accounts. But as the list goes on, they have grouped gifts of every clever name, and list customer favorites. Not to mention that the entire site is a feast for the eyes. The only problem with this visual buffet is that I attack it with the same ferociousness as I would a tangible, real life post-hangover buffet, just with insanely delayed gratification.

So just in case you are starving for something new but unlike myself, you have the patience to wait for the mail, check out New York Mouth. Then report back, pronto.


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