Instagram and Marcus

The reason for this post is twofold. First, this article about the Best Chefs to follow on Instagram I thought needed to be shared. While I know I don't utilize Instagram or follow Chef's enough through social media, this brought it all to light when they listed out the opportunities right in front of my face to take advantage... Continue Reading →


Simone’s Plain and Simple

To say that my lunch at Simone's was "perfect" is too simple of a word to describe the experience. Yet, Simone's Plain and Simple is just that. It's is the most enjoyable experience of all senses that I could imagine. I only took pictures of dessert, because I was too busy stuffing my face with... Continue Reading →

Monsieur Herme and the macaron

Due to extreme coercing by a friend, my tiny spark of a mention/dream of bringing my favorite of all delicacies, french macaroons, to Cedar Rapids is starting to come to fruition (I'm afraid). So, in honor of that, a tribute to the man that took them from an almond cookie to a work of beautiful art requiring... Continue Reading → Sparks a New Chef Crush

As I sit on my couch "working from home", I'm trying to doubly-educate myself by watching the TED channel: Food Matters on Netflix. After doing my first TEDx event this past fall, I've fallen in love with the TED concept and the "ideas worth spreading" that it shares, I can't stop watching the TED talks.... Continue Reading →

I need AA for Ice Cream

As much as I want to think FancyFlours is only for old ladies who bake in their kitchen all day, they have some awesome shet. Case in point- Pretzel Ice Cream Cones. And to make matters worse, they also have chocolate, chocolate chip, AND M&M. This just escalated my ice cream addiction to a whole... Continue Reading →

Caught in the Act

Of course I challenged myself to seek out the largest bottle of beer at the beer fest. As well as the one with the highest alcohol content- lucky for me, I've decided to fall in love with tripels and very heavy, thick bourbon based stouts. But damn, it's always embarrassing when it's caught on film. 

New York Mouth!

As an early Mother's Day present to me, some worker of fate placed this in my browser this morning. And I couldn't be more excited to find yet ANOTHER website that gives me the opportunity to buy more amazingly delicious things that are not available here in Cedar Rapids. The first thing listed-Bacon Peanut Brittle-... Continue Reading →

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