WTF Ice Cream Inventions

I found this article about ice cream. And since it’s above 50 degrees and I’ll justify any excuse to think about or eat ice cream, I decided to indulge myself and read through it. Only once did I utter “snooze, why in the hell is that in here?” And it was #38,  Dove chocolate bars. Compared to everything else on the list, it definitely brought to mind “one of these things does not belong here, one of these things is not the same…”
Check it out for yourself.

Some of my favorites include:

Alcoholic Concoctions, alcohol + ice cream = awesome, obviously
Branding, I’m not exactly sure why they are laughing at me- is the amount I consume in one sitting?
Dude Food, it really ties the room together
Bastardly Handsome, says it all

And dammit why is there so much fish-flavored ice cream!?!

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