Spaghetti in a paper bag at North Bondi

I keep dreaming of this meal I had on the last night of the Australia event I did. After almost two weeks of eating great food all over Sydney, this was the culmination of the trip, as it should’ve been- it was several weeks of working nonstop. Needless to say, I can’t wait to try to cook this again… and again and again since I will inevitably fuck it up the first few times. But I found almost our entire meal, the beautiful restaurant, and the dark sandy beach- it almost entirely captures our night in Simon Food Favourites blog

In Simon’s words: “Spaghetti ‘Arrabbiata’, crab, tomato, a hint of chilli, cooked in a paper bag ($33) was probably the most unpresentable way you can have a dish but that’s what you get with bag cooking. There were bits of crab to be found but I think most people would hope to find more. More of a chilli kick would have been appreciated.” 

And I couldn’t agree with him more. Although I wasn’t blown away by the first few bites, it was the intrigue of such a mixture cooked in a paper bag. Plus our amazing waitstaff explained every aspect of this particular dish in an Australian accent, and frankly it could’ve been a flaming back of poop and I would’ve ordered it. (Don’t put it out with your boots, Ned!) 


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