My long lost Ipsento

*this is a post I did a few years ago when I lived in Chicago, I pulled it from my old blog, as I will with the other things food related and re- post them here. If the spelling starts to slip, its only because I can see what I’m typing through my tears of sadness and longing…

With the closing of my favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood and the inevitable caffiene-withdrawl shakes and twitches, I had to find another place quickly. But there was a little place up the street that I was keeping in my back pocket for such an occasion. Maggie, bff and neighbor, and I had discussed visiting Ipsento SEVERAL times before actually committing to it. We decided to give all of our money to Vella Cafe while it was around, and then turn to Ipsento for our next weekly stop. And I’m so excited that we did it. Soooo many exciting things have come out of our visits there and I’ll just name a few of the highlights of the coffee shop for now… there has to be something kept secret to get you in the door too, right?

First visit: The Ipsento- espresso, coconut milk and honey. I couldn’t even imagine a more delicious combination of ingredients. But then I read the fine print “Add a dash of cayenne pepper”. Dear God! Yes, please.

Second visit: I went for the Mocha, feeling a little too chicken to go all the way to the Nutella Mocha. I can’t believe I opted out of that one but it was delicious nonetheless. And the lovely barista had some leftover hot cocoa that she so generously saved for Liam. I, being a horrible mother, allowed this since 1. it was free, and 2. we were sharing this deliciousness together.

Today’s visit: Organic, free trade coffee. $2 for a large. I almost fell over. Cheap, delicious and on Friday mornings it’s free from 6:30- 9:30am. Not only that, but Liam was able to watch them roast the beans and was completely mesmerized. I was personally mesmerized by how nice the bean roaster man was to a screaming toddler who was pointing to the machine and mumbling jibberish.

And Holy Shit! I forgot the best part. Upon visit #3, I tried the Chai Tea, one of my all- time favorites. There was something delightfully familiar about it but I couldn’t figure it out. For about 24 hours I racked my brain until I figured it out “Dunkin Donuts”. Those effers at Dunkin Donuts used to carry the same Chai Tea, or a ridiculously similar one, and took it off their menu, crushing my soul just weeks before finding out I was pregnant (a time that I really needed a emotional beverage backup)! But it is back and only three blocks from my apartment. My long lost Chai in the setting of a lovely coffee shop. I couldn’t get any better.

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