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*another post from my last blog… still food related of course

It was a perfect fall day today which only made me want to curl up on the couch tonight to watch a movie and feast on some of my favorite snacks: popcorn with M&M’s and mint lemonade. This delicious meal got me thinking about other favorites that are so easy to make and soooo underrated. I have a real appreciation for things in the food world that take about two steps to taste amazing. It’s not that I don’t see the art in baking and cooking for hours to make delightful dishes but I just don’t have the time or dedication for that. And I’ll just say it, I’m lazy. Why am I going to spend hours making a homemade crust with a chocolate cream pie filling when I can pop a s’more in the microwave for 15 seconds to achieve a delicious equivolent?!

So I will now unveil some other favorites that I just adore the simplicity of. These aren’t going to be mindblowing but maybe they will revive long lost treats that have dropped out of your repetoire.

Popcorn and M&M’s
Bag of microwave popcorn. Bag of M&M’s. Mix excitedly.
Microwave S’mores
My favorite recipe involves some careful timing.
First, put a little square of chocolate on the bottom side of the graham cracker and put that in the microwave first for 5 seconds. Then top with the marshmallow and microwave again for about 7-10 seconds, or until it blows up so big that it’s about to fall off the graham. Top with the topper graham and you are done!
Fairy Bread
Pre-sliced white bread loaf, spread with butter and topped with beautiful sprinkles. I couldn’t be any easier or more beautiful. Bread and butter is so basic and underrated and no one can deny that sprinkles make anything look more delectable.

OR cinnamon-sugar toast! Just top with cinnasugar mix. It’s not as pretty but possibly more delicious.

Mint Lemonade
Just add fresh mint, or even some additional fresh fruit juice like pineapple, to frozen lemonade. It takes it just that little extra step.
My faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite Sangria, regardless of price, quality or restaurant/bar, has to be the Carlo Rossi gallon jug of Sangria you can get at just about any (smart) store that carries booze. I get mine at Osco-Drug. Cut up some orange and apple, or a strawberry if you are feeling really fancy and you are done. It’s amazing, and dangerous.

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