Rum and Coke for grown ups

When I received this email yesterday, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I personally think rum & cokes are kind of horse shit that people only drink under the age of 22 before you fully develop any level of taste but reading this changed my tune. Partially because I didn’t even know half of these things existed, partially because of the level of expertise that brainpowered this concoction.

Brought to you by Acadia in Chicago, this smash looks a little like this…

And sounds a little like this… (brought to you by Tasting Table)
This mind-fucked me in three ways: 
1. house-made tomatillo-agave syrup
3. Dill-coconut ice! 
And then there’s the Amnesiac.. 
I’m getting in my car and driving there as we speak.


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