Smugglers Wharf

I had lunch with my mom today at Smugglers Wharf and was delighted to walk into a restaurant that took a chance with their decor and didn’t have tv’s plastered on the walls. The seafood themed restaurant, although filled with patio furniture, also had picnic benches and variety of seating that is much different than you would see here in Cedar Rapids but takes a chance to set themselves apart, like many places would do in a larger city. I, personally, enjoy this breath of (albeit fishy) air.
We started with a dish that looks seriously unappetizing when served, but I’m assured it a mixture of cheese, beans and chili. And it’s hard to go wrong with anything concocted with those ingredients.

I ordered the shrimp po’ boy, and both of the other diners stayed with the fish tacos, which sounds like it’s the favorite dish among other diners. Every person I’ve talked to about this place has “heard from a friend” that the fish tacos are great, but to this moment, I haven’t met a person who’s actually eaten here.
As expected the tacos were a big hit. And I”ll say, they appeared delicious as I looked at them longingly from my Shrimp Po’ Boy. My sandwich was good, but I would say the bread to shrimp ratio is about 500:1, so I opted to leave part of my butter-grilled bun behind to try and balance things out a bit.

My favorite part of the meal had to be the selection of sides you can choose from with your sandwiches. There are not many places that offer: tater tots, a beer, homemade cole slaw, and red beans. Yes, a beer as a side. It’s genius. I’m not sure why more places don’t do things like this.


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