Cibo’s BBQ ribs

 This meal was on a serious right track with these BBQ Mole Ribs. The sauce was a little sticky in your teeth but had a great flavor of mole that you rarely find in bbq ribs. The meat dropped right off the bones so I made my way through the ribs, saving my favorite part of my entree for last- the elote. Elote has quickly become one of my favorite street food finds. Normally found on a street corner, sold by a man out of a cart, possibly transported by bike, you can have the fresh corn on a stick, in a cup or just on the cob. Mixed with butter, mayonnaiseParmesan cheese, lime and a bit of chili powder, I was almost pissed when an old friend introduced me to this dish. It looked so gross at first, I was certain all of those things together could not be appetizing. But sure enough, I found another Beast of Burden to spawn 30-minute workouts when possible. 

However, the deliciousness of the ribs, and coolness of the slaw that wasn’t too creamy or vinegar-soaked, was almost ruined by the horrible elote. And I’m not using the word “horrible” to be dramatic or a bitch. It was actually so bad that I wondered how someone thought it was okay to serve to people. As you see it sitting beautifully on the plate, it’s like a dog that sits in the window of a pet store long enough for you to make a purchase and put it in your car to take home with you before it shits all over your leather interior repeatedly. The corn was almost rotten. Either defrosted, reheated within an inch of it’s life, or rescued from the “rotten food bin fit for feed”, this corn was terrible. Everything that dressed it promised to be delicious, but the mushy, brownish yellow kernels that clung to the cob for dear life soured any chance for it to be edible. 
I toiled with telling the waitress, and trying to explain what a great dish this could be, but something make me bite my tongue. And as I think about it now, it makes me even more sad to think that other people would try this elote for the first time and be turned off of the experience forever. If only I could’ve wiped the tears out of my eyes long enough to flag down our waitress and let her know.

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