Super Sleuthing Discoveries: Zeppelins To Go

I had a very exciting morning, all occurring in about two minutes. And no, I’m not talking about that.

Super Sleuth Discovery #1: The Hy-Vee gas station on Blairs Ferry Road serves Caribou Coffee and not only that but it’s accompanied by an entire coffee buffet of syrups, creamers, your own personal cup of marshmallows if you so desire, and anything else you could imagine to devise your own concoction for $1.00. I’m not kidding. And if you bring your own cup- it’s $0.75.

Super Sleuth Discovery #2: Upon Liam insisting that the gas station smelled like “a movie theater” I also realized that they pop their own popcorn, yes at 8am. Which is then what I served my growing child for breakfast. Movie- theater style popcorn from a gas station.

Super Sleuth Discovery #3: While we were crossing the parking lot, delicious personalized beverage and popcorn bag in hand, Liam kept insisting that I look over my shoulder. While I don’t believe he has fully developed into someone that notices tiny details or loves to think about food as much as his mother, he’s also pretty damn smart, so I’m going to throw him a bone- Liam was pointing out that Zeppelin’s is opening a To-Go storefront. Squinting due to terrible vision and never wearing any corrective devices, I could see that they have put up a new sign on the storefront next door to their main location, and the sign was a little different, imagining that it probably said “To Go”. I started wondering if they would serve me the Parmesan Fries with Smoked Onion Ranch dipping sauce and The Moneytree (St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Tanqueray Gin, Simple Syrup, lemon, lime and orange) for carry out.

I will investigate further, but I think Liam is….uhh, I’m on to something.


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