Finger Limes

When I saw today’s sale on Gilt Taste, I was a little surprised. “Finger Limes- what in the hell are those? How have I never heard of anything that sounds so… commonplace?” At which point I decided, I would share this glory AND why re-write something that is perfectly written, especially by Helen Rosner. 

So here it is. Or read it/buy it/savor it here instead. 

Two stories in SAVEUR’s November issue mentioned finger limes, and now I’m obsessed with them: garnishing a pour of good tequila, or with thin-sliced smoked salmon in lieu of capers. They’re the best pop-rocks in the world. 
-Helen Rosner, SAVEUR Web Editor 

These rare, gherkin-size beauties charm with their elegant nickname (“caviar limes”) and an incredible texture: Split one open lengthwise and spoon out a few pearls. As with caviar, the tiny beads inside pop in your mouth, releasing a splash of bright, tart juice. Dazzle guests by using them as garnishes on ceviches, crudos, cocktails or your best Key lime pie.

Why we love them 

The finger lime is a fruit that holds secrets; we love to cut these open in front of guests, to watch their surprised faces.  Mikuni’s limes come from an organic California farm, and range in size between a peanut and your pinky. Depending on the time of year, the skin could be dark green, auburn or light yellow, and the pearls inside can be golden or pink, pale yellow or light green. They’re less tart than a conventional lime, and their aroma is more akin to a kaffir lime. Scoop out the pearls with a spoon or paring knife, then float them on cocktails, sprinkle them over oysters or spoon them onto citrus desserts.


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