Cibo dessert

Cibo’s BBQ ribs

 This meal was on a serious right track with these BBQ Mole Ribs. The sauce was a little sticky in your teeth but had a great flavor of mole that you rarely find in bbq ribs. The meat dropped right off the bones so I made my way through the ribs, saving my favorite part... Continue Reading →

Smugglers Wharf

I had lunch with my mom today at Smugglers Wharf and was delighted to walk into a restaurant that took a chance with their decor and didn't have tv's plastered on the walls. The seafood themed restaurant, although filled with patio furniture, also had picnic benches and variety of seating that is much different than... Continue Reading →

Horchata @ Salsa del Rio

It's a damn miracle. Phoebe from Salsa del Rio called to say they finally started serving their horchata. I was flattered to receive an invite but after a dozen visits of me harassing her about this being on her menu but not available, it's was about damn time. I immediately went over, ordered myself some... Continue Reading →

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