Curb Appeal

This needs to happen in Cedar Rapids. “Roach Coach” takes on a whole new name. And for the entrepreneurs in the area, or chefs that are looking for a startup without all of the financial backing, this is such a attractive option. Especially if it means that I could eat lunch one day, outside on the curb in front of our office building, from a new restaurant each day.

Right before I moved from Chicago, the food trucks were really gaining a foothold in the food scene. (See TimeOut Chicago 100 Best Things We Ate.) New, stand-in-line restaurants were positioning themselves in trendy neighborhoods and selling out in a few hours. Food truck trackers on the web and via apps made it easy to beat the crowds and get the LAST Haute Sausage before they sold out.  I can only hope so much for this city and the food scene here.

Design*Sponge (a blog I devour daily, along with my morning coffee) reminded me of how much I love these.

Now, I’m not ready to suggest oysters in Cedar Rapids is a good idea… but maybe an empty parking lot in New Bohemia could host a tasty truck for me to visit daily on my lunch hour.


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