(Imaginary) Happy Bakery

When I’m not eating out every moment of my life (it feels like), and I have a second when I’m not wrestling a three-year old away from a permanent marker/socket/chocolate cookie, I like to cook and bake. If I can be left to my own devices, I think it’s very relaxing. I’m intrigued by the science of it all, I’m eager to learn more and get better at it, and I want it to taste as good as food photography makes it look.
Luckily, I also work in an office with people who are also interested in food. On random days of the week, we will create an occasion which it’s perfectly acceptable to all bake, bring in to share, and eat all day long. Great for me, my ass not so much.
On one such day, I decided to reproduce a beautiful cake I found on Pinterest.
After a bottle of red food coloring, a few flips and flops of a freshly baked cake layer, this is what came to be.

Not too shabby, but a far cry from the crazy bakery I may one day open where Momofuku Milk Bar and French Macaroons come to Cedar Rapids to get married and live in happiness forever.


= Happy Bakery


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