My To Do List increases (in deliciousness)

When I'm not posting this week, it's because I'm face-deep in one of these. All of my new Christmas gifts brought to light a serious problem that I have- I'm a serial cookbook owner with little to no follow through on actually cooking out of them. I have now designed a new shelf for my new house... Continue Reading →


Sykora Bakery

When I finally get my shit together today, I'm going to write about this. And an amazing Saturday-Christmas-eve-hangover-curing-picking-up-abandoned-vehicle-to-avoid-DUI morning that was spent here. And a few other places as well. 

Puke Break

So I've had  a short, involuntary break from my food blog due to a little (read: life-threatening) bout with the flu, or some mysterious disease that had me running to the bathroom and looking like the photo above for a day or so. The worst part? Even after my frequent trips to the commode, I could not... Continue Reading →

Salsa del Riiiiiii-ho!

Solely based on convenience and my craving for mexican food (on a daily basis), we decided to run across the street to Salsa del Rio for lunch today. Their breakfast burritos were a big hit a few months ago, and since then we have avoided going there mostly because our expanding waistlines and growing asses were... Continue Reading →

Taste of India in Iowa

I decided to take the plunge this week and head to an Indian restaurant in Cedar Rapids. One of my first experiences with Indian cuisine was in Chicago at Veerasway followed quickly by Cumin in Wicker Park, so I was spoiled from the start. But damn you, Cedar Rapids, you continue to surprise me.We pulled up... Continue Reading →


I love this blog because they mention "pinky promise" and "shithole" in the same post. Throw in a few music references and it ends with "Niceties be damned, we're just here to party." I'm in love.

Curb Appeal

This needs to happen in Cedar Rapids. "Roach Coach" takes on a whole new name. And for the entrepreneurs in the area, or chefs that are looking for a startup without all of the financial backing, this is such a attractive option. Especially if it means that I could eat lunch one day, outside on... Continue Reading →

Farm to Table First Adventure

I have always loved the concept of farm-to-table dining whether attending one of these beautiful parties, or hosting one of my own. When I moved to Cedar Rapids, I (naively) thought I would never get the chance to do that again. I'm honestly not sure why, the farmers and produce are more plentiful, closer to... Continue Reading →

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